Korion’s management team has more than 100 years of experience as investors in the realm of private equity.

Korion is managed by Eland Private Equity SGEIC, regulated by the CNMV, and was founded in 2006 with a specialization in alternative and impact investments.

Dr. Armando Cuesta

Founding Partner

Adolfo Carvajal


Miguel Doménech


Víctor Doménech


Victoria von Richetti

Legal Director

Alberto Peón

Financial Director

Marta Amusátegui

Senior Advisor

Dr. Antonio Bañares

Chmn. of the Advisory Board

Dr. Marc Ramis

Venture Partner

Eugenia Gosálvez

Asset Management Dr.

Patricia Jiménez

Financial Controller

Alexander Wise


Esther Trujillo

Accounting Director

Mafalda Pastor


Dr. Harry Lesmana

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. David Gosalvez

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Vinod Dasa

Scientific Advisory Board