Dr. Gustavo Stolovitzky: How Artificial Intelligence Enables Precision Medicine

PODCAST – 1 hr 7 min. (EN)

In this episode, Dr. Cuesta chats with Dr. Gustavo Stolovitzky, a thought leader in the realm of computational biology and a pioneer in the realm of precision medicine. Gustavo was the director of IBM’s translational systems biology and nanobiotechnology program, an adjunct professor at both the Icahn School of Medicine and Columbia University, and is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at Sema4, a data-driven precision medicine company.

We discuss:
  • What is precision medicine: the historical and conceptual origins as well as the direction the field is moving today
  • How the synergy of artificial intelligence and advancements in synthetic biology are enabling precision medicine
  • Obstacles in artificial intelligence and how they are impeding the growth of precision medicine
  • Using deep learning in medicine: supervised learning, explainable AI, and overfitting algorithms
  • The DREAM challenges and how crowdsourcing solutions in computational biology can help solve issues in precision medicine
  • How will AI fit into the clinical landscape
  • Sema4 and how data is translated from concept to clinical practice
  • Intellectual property and how to protect your algorithms in precision medicine
  • What is the best path to break into precision medicine.
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