Dr. Noshir Pesika: Biomimicry & the Realm of Nature-Inspired Science

PODCAST – 39 min 02 sg. (EN)
In this episode, Alex chats with Dr. Noshir Pesika, a specialist in biomimicry.
Noshir is a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering professor at Tulane University, where he focuses his research on creating novel products based on the natural world. His research is centered around the concept of biomimicry – the idea that nature has spent millennia designing, testing, and iterating products for highly specialized functions. By analyzing the micro and nano-level structure and design of these products, we can better understand how they work and how we may be able to recreate them for human use.
We discuss:
  • What is biomimicry, and how to design useful devices with these ideas
  • Concepts behind reverse engineering natural products
  • Noshir’s workflow for identifying systems for potential application
  • Tangible examples of biomimicry in life sciences and the world around us
  • Cartilage-inspired low friction systems and their applications in medical devices
  • Gecko-inspired adhesives and their applications
  • Future advancements in the field of biomimicry and research to be on the lookout for
  • Noshir’s path – moving from Mauritius and career advice for those listening
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